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Shine and Show

Auto Detailing

Our Services

Interior & Exterior Services


Vacuum interior


Carpet shampooing


 Leather cleaning and conditioned


Smoke and foul smell remediation


Wipe down dash and consoles clean


Clean streak free interior glass


All exterior surfaces decontaminated


Wheels, tires, and wheel wells cleaned 


Water-smart hand washing


Hand dried with the finest micofibers 


Clay bar treatment


Paint sealant & carnauba wax applied


Rubber and tires dressed


Exterior windows sealed


Metal polished


Headlight restoration

Paint Correction and Polishing
Buff and Shine:


Machine polishing


1 Stage Polish for blemished paint


2 Stage Polishing performed when paint is severely damaged or oxidized


Both steps will removal swirls, holograms, and random isolated deep scratches.


This process will leave the paint looking brand new and clean, free of most defects.





1 stage

Long Term Protection Options  


We offer multiple options to

protect the finish of your car with semi- permant coatings.  These offer much greater protection over any wax or sealant.


Options are affordable and keep your car looking better, longer!




Inquire when calling or emailing us!


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*for new clients only!

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Please notify us when booking your appointment

We pride ourselves in using the best quality products in the business and the most advanced techniques including using eco-friendly chemicals and water smart car washing strategies.  We strive for complete satisfaction.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.  We look forward to serving you!

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